Gabber Eleganza: rave is revolution

Alberto Guerrini is a gabber. For him, hardcore is a way of life.

Like millions of others born in the 80s, music was a primary form of escapism—or a catalyst for “suburban euphoria,” as he puts it on his website.

Guerrini, or “El Diablo” to his friends, began flirting with hardcore culture in his highschool years. Later, in 2011, he co-published a zine called Gabber In The Name Of Love,[1] which sparked the eponymous blog; Gabber Eleganza is an archival gateway into the scene’s underworld.

Together with photographer Ewen Spencer, Alberto Guerrini aka Gabber Eleganza has created Hardcore Soul. The book that consists of two parts examines—at some points in collaboration with British artist and Turner-Prize-winner Mark Leckey—the coexistence of two scenes: Happy Hardcore Rave and Northern Soul.

in print (zkz#17) and now also online...